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Hotwashed PET Flakes
Hotwashed PET Flakes
Hotwashed PET Flakes
Hotwashed PET Flakes
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07 Jan 2020
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Hotwashed PET Flakes

Hotwashed PET Flakes is one kind of plastic seed that will be processed into PET plastic (Polyethylene Terephthalate) commonly used for clear colored plastic bottles, translucent / transparent such as mineral water bottles, drink bottles, juice bottles, cooking oil bottles, ketchup bottles, , and almost all other beverage bottles. For textile, PET is used for synthetic fiber material or better known as PETE / PET polyester recommended ONLY FOR ONCE OF USE. Repeated use, especially in hot conditions, can cause melting of the polymer layer and the removal of carcinogenic substances from such plastics, thereby causing cancer for long-term use.

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